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Notes 008

Boolean operations, spatial programming and a surprise

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Boolean Operations by Dan Hollick

Dan Hollick has been making great Twitter threads about various subjects. They are always beautifully illustrated and written. Make sure to read his others threads about QR Codes , blending modes or SVG paths . I’m in love with his illustrations!

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The IndieWeb for Everyone by Max Böck

The blog of Max Böck is full of gems but this one particulary resonates with what I’m trying to achieve with this website.

The IndieWeb for Everyone https://mxb.dev/blog/the-indieweb-for-everyone/


Lu Wilson at Future of Coding London

A fun and creative talk about spatial programming!

via @steveruizok


SurpriseLand by Nicolas Daniel

My friend Nicolas Daniel has done some incredible work for its Surprise collection, from beautiful artworks made in Blender to a 3D world hosted by oncyber and a playful website featuring the collection.

Surprise Land https://surpriseland.xyz/

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Fragment updates

I started working on Tabs and Folders for Fragment UI after some users told me they were exposing too many props to fit inside the interface. I love working on this kind of features as it involves many things: trying to find a good API design so it’s flexible and easy to use, working on the UI so it fits nicely into the current design and last but not least, writing a good documentation about it!

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Fragment outputs

Quentin started playing with Tensorflow inside Fragment. I’d like to have it integrated properly in Fragment at some point but it’s not a top priority for now.

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Etienne Pharabot has done some incredible work for Codevember, and used Fragment to create and export his outputs. Check it out!

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I kept working on my drawings with Fragment. I stumbled upon some great looking bugs while trying to make the hatching pattern work on rectangular shapes as well.

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