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Notes 012

Raymarching, vectors and Meridian

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Castle in the sky

I can’t count how many times I watched the renowned movie by Hayao Miyazaki, so I was watching closely this tribute by Guillaume Lollier and Florian Torres unfolds. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed.

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A impressive particle simulation of a galaxy or the universe made with THREE.js

Galaxy Simulation https://galaxym.ovh/

Everything Canvas

A creative tool based on a collection of 3D models than can be applied to a face and animated. The possibilities are endless and can turned out to be quite weird!

Everything Canvas https://www.everythingcanv.as


A well-thought color palette generator by MathisBiabiany, which makes it handy to copy the values in various programming languages.

Colors Create color palettes http://colors.arts-mb.com


Like everything Evan Wallace does, this is an impressive library to do something quite useful: turning an image into a blurry lightweight version. And like everything Evan Wallace does, it does it better and faster than the rest of the similar tools out there.

Thumbhash A very compact representation of an image placeholder. https://evanw.github.io/thumbhash/


The Engineering behind Figma’s Vector Networks

A technical deep dive into vectors and curves and the magic behind Figma.

The Engineering behind Figma's Vector Networks https://alexharri.medium.com/the-engineering-behind-figmas-vector-networks-688568e37110


I was lucky to receive Meridian by Matt Deslauriers as a gift! The book presents the generative art project along with technical breakdowns and essays. The object itself is a thing of beauty and perfectly highlights the attention to detail of Matt in every thing he does.

Meridian https://vetroeditions.com/products/meridian?variant=43603368706313


Raymarching workshop

I went to Nantes to attend an event about creative coding at the Stereolux, organized by Lionel Radisson. After a first evening of talks, I spend the next day learning about raymarching thanks to Flopine. I was always scary about raymarching and it was a great way to finally desacralize this technique. It turns out the techniques I used in my 2D shaders are completely applicable to 3D as well! It was also a great time to hang out with talented and very friendly people!

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Dabeull’s concert in Bruxelles

I went to Bruxelles to see a concert of Dabeull which I’ve been listening for years without being able to watch him perform with a live band. If you don’t know him yet, here’s a video of one of his concerts in Paris.