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Notes 014


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What is this? Notes are monthly posts of curated content, featuring articles, websites, exhibitions, projects, and personal experiences that I find worth sharing. Think of it as a blend of a newsletter, bookmarks, and a public journal.



I turned 30 this year and celebrated this event surrounded by friends and family on the north coast of Brittany where I used to spend my summer as a child. I couldn’t ask for a better time. And we got lucky with the sunsets.


An introduction to shader art coding

I recently discovered Kishimisu , a talented creative developer who released an excellent tutorial on how to write a 2D fragment shader and animate it.

You should also check his work on Instagram .


Empathy in open-source

If you don’t know who Sindre Sorhus is, you might now this meme.

Well, he’s the guy “from Nebraska”. It’s highly probable that if you are writing Javascript with Node.js, you have some of his work on your machine right now. He’s also very active in the Swift community. So you can guess he knows a thing or two about open-source and he writes about empathy in the field in his latest blogpost.

Empathy in open-source https://sindresorhus.com/blog/empathy-in-open-source