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Notes 016

Blobs and yetis

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File over app

Stephan Ango is the CEO of Obsidian , an app I’m using to write these notes before integrating them into this website. His blog is super interesting and I’m really into this thinking of local-first app, where your content is stored on your disk instead of in the cloud on some company’s server. This is something I always keep in mind when developing Fragment as I want the code you write not to be tied to Fragment (too much).

File over app https://stephanango.com/file-over-app

Shaders in sketches: smoothstep

Ilithya continues her series about GLSL functions, this time about smoothstep.

Shaders in sketches: smoothstep https://ilithya.substack.com/p/shaders-in-sketches-smoothstep

Interaction Design

A (very) long read about interaction design that is also a good demonstration of the attention to detail Rauno Freiberg puts into whatever he makes. If you’re not familiar with his website, I recommend to take a quick tour.

Interaction Design by Rauno Freiberg https://rauno.me/craft/interaction-design


SkiFree but you are the yeti

I spend some much time playing SkiFree as a child on the family computer! This adaptation of the game where you are playing the yeti and you’re not just awaiting his venue scarily is just amazing!

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An amazing demonstration of the Oimo physics library with blobs, where the visitor is able to draw the environment and the positions of the blob emitters. Super fun.

Blob https://oimo.io/works/blob/


Scents of Summer exhibition

I attended the vernissage of the latest solo exhibition of Florian Zumbrunn called “Scents of Summer”. His work looks like paintings from the impressionism era, and they are all made with a computer which is impressive.