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Notes 017

WebGL demos and a trip to London

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Hologram sticker

A simple yet very effective effect by Pavel Boytchev made with THREE.js reproducing these magic cards we had in my childhood.

Hologram sticker https://boytchev.github.io/etudes/threejs/hologram-sticker.html

You should also check his impressive collection of experiments .

GM Shaders Mini: Dither

This ongoing series of mini tutorials by Xor is a goldmine for graphics developer. They are always well written and accessible. This one covers the different algorithms available for dithering.

GM Shaders Mini: Dither https://mini.gmshaders.com/p/gm-shaders-mini-dither

Moebius effect

A well made Moebius-inspired post-processing pass for THREE.js.

Moebius effect THREE.js https://txstc55.github.io/moebius-effect-threejs/

It reminded me of the crazy Makemepulse wishes made in 2019 “Nomadic Tribe” .


I really like the style of shaderism outputs made with WebGL which is quite unique in my opinion! I first thought it was made with a single fragment shader but I found out that he’s using geometries and blur to create these.

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He recently released an impressive real-time music video. Make sure to put the sound on!

Morphology - Karma Flies https://morphology-karma-flies-audiovisual.netlify.app/


This site is not new but features entire maps from old video games such as Mario Kart or GTA Vice City! It can take a while to load depending on the game but I must confess I spent some (too much?) time flying across those. It’s also super interesting to discover techniques used in video games to avoid rendering too much polygons.



Fragment updates

I merged some features in dev that I’ve been cooking for too long such as resolving #include directives in GLSL files, allowing multiple exports in a single action (useful for bulk exports of a sketch) and making props reactive to value reassignment from code.

Fragment outputs

Zeh Fernandes released a beautiful project made with Fragment: generative posters for every match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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London bike trip

I also went to London from Paris on a bike, first by taking a train to get out of Paris urban area and arrive in Normandy. Then we rode to Dieppe where we took a ferry to Newhaven. After a night in Brighton, we took the direction of London through the beautiful Sussex hills. I was surprised by the amount of cyclists in London, which is a complete different practice than Paris. I did not see any kind of old/vintage bikes there, and everyone seemed equipped for a long and fast ride.