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Notes 019

Programming font, tips and portfolios

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Quentin Hocdé’s new portfolio

My friend Quentin released a brand new website designed by Maëlan Le Meur , right before his talk at Awwwards Conference in Amsterdam.

Quentin Hocdé Creative Developer & Visual Artist https://quentinhocde.com/

I’m really digging the ASCII effects here! Have a look at his work, he’s a talented developer as the long award list shows.

Jello Lights by yozic

I will never stopped being amazed by the ability of shaders of being so beautiful and creative with just a few lines of code. The colours, motions and shapes of this one is just a perfect example of their superpowers in 20 lines.

Mind flowers by mrange

This one’s code is a little bit longer but still a thing of beauty.

via Daniel Velasquez’s newsletter Offscreen Canvas

Commit Mono

Commit Mono Commit Mono is an anonymous and neutral programming typeface focused on creating a better reading experience. https://commitmono.com/

This “neutral programming typeface” is looking good! Not enough for me to let Jetbrains Mono go in my editor but still! The website is beautifully designed, I really like the brutalist/minimal and the detailed keyboard navigation is a nice touch to add. I’d like to head towards this kind of design for Fragment website and documentation.

via Emil Kowalski’s newsletter DENG


Coding Adventure: Simulating Fluids

Sebastian released another great tutorial, this time about fluid simulation which is a…complex subject to say the least. He’s using Unity and HLSL but it looks like it could be port to WebGL and GLSL fairly easily. Another thing added to the TODO list!


What would the internet of people look like now?

This piece by Elizabeth Lopatto really resonated with me on what I’m trying to achieve with this website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have stopped being for people for a long time and being at the mercy of algorithms or owner changes feels too stressful at the time.

What would the internet of people look like now? The web as we know it now is an intermediated experience — with algorithms between the humans. What if we went back to just talking to each other? https://www.theverge.com/2023/7/22/23803538/google-facebook-myspace-internet-culture-web-dot-com-crash

Interesting basic PRNG distributions

A great article by Piter Pasma on how you can affect the distribution of a Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) with a lot of different examples.

Interesting basic PRNG distributions https://piterpasma.nl/articles/probability

He also made a tool to help visualize the result of a distribution.

Randomometer https://randomometer.netlify.app/