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Based in Paris, France.

A digital garden

Moving away from social network reliance

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This last year on Twitter was the final push-up I needed to finish this website properly. I had some designs done ages ago by Philippe Neveu but my work on Fragment kind of delayed the release of this thing.

I spent the last few years building a professional network on Twitter . Somehow, it felt at the time that it was something that would be around for a long time, maybe even my whole career. Over the years, I’ve never fully realized how I was relying on it, to read the news, to learn new skills, to share what I do and what I like.

It is still up — somehow — at the time of this writing, but it seems the right time to decentralize myself from social networks owned by billionnaires before they ultimately collapse.

This site will also be the right place to put some experiments, write about that I find interesting and document my progress around various skills.

I’m looking forward to pursuing this journey.