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Notes 001

Operating systems and open source licenses

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Generative Mural Painting, by Eltono

I discovered the beautiful mural paintings of Eltono

Street photography of Modo nº38 by Eltono
Street photography of Modo nº50 by Eltono
Photography of Modo nº19 by Eltono at the Redline Contemporary Art Center in Denver, U.S.A.

via Matt Deslauriers


Revolution OS

While I was trying to get a better understanding of open-source licenses for Fragment, I stumbled upon this great documentary about their origins. It features many interviews including Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustin, Eric S. Raymond… Can’t recommend it enough for people interested in open source!


Friends and lovers license

While keeping on my research for the appropriate Fragment license, I found this one which I found very poetic. Make sure to check the other licenses in the README.md.

friends and lovers license what if code i wrote was only for the people i love? https://github.com/outofambit/friends-and-lovers-license