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Notes 006

Fragment release, podcast and outputs

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Nightdrive by James Stanley

James built a beautiful simulation of a motorway at night in Canvas 2D. The article goes in depth into the maths behind it. Put it on fullscreen and relax and dive into the code on Github .

Nightdrive A JavaScript simulation of driving at night time on the motorway https://incoherency.co.uk/blog/stories/nightdrive.html


Nobigi by Jure Triglav

In this article, Jure explains how he implementend global illumation in WebGL through the use of small neural networks. Super interesting approach!

Nobigi Neural optimized baked interactive global illumination https://jure.github.io/nobigi/

via Jure Triglav

Fragment release

After 5 months of full time work on it, I finally released Fragment and published it on npm! It is still in alpha but you can start using it now!

Fragment A web development environment for creative coding https://fragment.tools

TechArt podcast

I’ve joined Florian Zumbrunn and David Ronai on their Twitch podcast to discuss the making of Fragment. The video is available in French and can be seen on their YouTube channel.

Fragment outputs

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I had a blast in Amsterdam with Quentin Hocdé while the Awwwards conference was happening. Met with the people of Antinomy , Numbered and saw some old friends from Montréal from Akufen and Locomotive .

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