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Notes 018

Touchwaves, grass and teaching

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One of the greatest thing I discovered on the internet lately. I spend wayyyy too long on this. Each experiment has its own identity and the visuals are just amazing. This is the kind of thing that I want to be easy to build with Fragment .

Touchwaves https://sascacci.com/


How Do Games Render So Much Grass?

I discovered Acerola’s channel with this video about grass rendering. The style of the video is quite unseen for this type of content and it’s great to see new formats emerging. I can only recommend watching his other videos if you’re interested in graphics development!

Two Fundamental Abstractions

I’ve been following the work of André Staltz for a while as I shared a lot of his opinions regarding open source work or what the web becomes in general. I recently stumbled upon an old talk of him about the two fundamentals abstraction that makes JavaScript: getters and setters. The talk is…well quite abstract but then it suddenly unfolds and you finally understand where André is going with all of this.

I really like this kind of talk that are not about how to program but on how programming works under the hood and how some basic concepts you use every day as a programmer (such as functions!) can be turned into advanced features of a language.


First time being a teacher

I got the chance to teach a workshop at Gobelins Paris to 40 students about the bases of generative art and how it can be used in a design process . I prepared a couple of exercices with p5 online editor based on my work with Collins on the Institute of Design. First they had to fill a squared grid of 8 per 8 cells with black and white. Once they had 4 defined patterns, we explore how to arrange them in another flexible grid, thinking about pattern and color distribution, animation, pseudo random number generators and exports. I then made a compilation of their results so they could see how things can be different while being constrained in the same way in the first place.